5 Best Credit Card For Young Adult In 2020

A credit card is an essential thing in our lives. We can also say, Credit Card is a necessity of our life. In modern days, we shop a lot of stuff online and offline, and we want the best offer and cashback, which credit cards only provide.
These days, many people use a credit card to achieve their financial goals and build credit scores; building credit is the most crucial part of adulthood.
Young adults now want to live a life like a king; therefore, picking the best credit card plays a significant role.

There are various types of credit card companies and a lot of types of Credit Cards. So you can decide what type of card fits you the best. Which Credit Card brings you a lot of advantage, lots of saving, and cashback.

We have picked the 5 Best Credit Card for Young Adults, each card designed for different types of needs. Please go through our Best Credit Card List, and choose your best card.

5 Best Credit Card For Young Adult In 2020

Discover it® Secured: Best for the First timer.
American Express ® Gold Card: Best for Shopaholic lover.
American Express ® Green Card: Best for young Adults Professional.
Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card: Best for Adult Traveller. 
Citi Premier® Card: Best for Traveller and Shopaholic
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Discover it® Secured

5 Best Credit Card For Young Adult In 2020

Discover it® Secured card helps you build your credit score. If you are new to credit and working to fix your credit score, this is the best choice because this card allows you a secure base from which you can build your best credit score.
First, you have to put some security deposit in your credit card between $200 to $2500 in exchange for matching a credit limit. Having a high credit limit, you can shop more and also utilize your credit score.
If you use this card straight Eight months after that, Discover will review your account. If you are using this card responsibly, you will graduate, and you will get back your deposit amount; also, there is a chance a higher limit may reward you.
You can get cash back or a discount on every purchase you make, and this cashback becomes a reward when you finish the first year as a cardholder.
You can earn 2% cashback of gasoline up to $1000 and restaurant purchases every quarter. You will get all your cash back rewards at the end of the first-year use. This card helps you build your credit score very fast and secure.

American Express ® Gold Card

5 Best Credit Card For Young Adult In 2020

In American Express, you have to spend a minimum of $4000 in under six months, and you also get 60,000 points from this spend. 

Some might think it’s welcome offer is not great here, but the card makes it up for providing you incredible offers, lots of bonus, making it the best popular choice for the audience.

American Express Gold, also known as Amex Gold, is best for shopaholic and food lovers because it provides the best offer you can ever get. You can easily use this card in your everyday shopping and dining because they provide the best dining experience. Some of its perks include

  • 4X on dining both Worldwide a United State
  • 3X On every airfare 
  • 1X for every other purchase

Amex is the best card. You earn a reward for every dollar you spend. Its annual fees are $250. I think it is reasonable because it provides a lot of perks, bonuses, and offers.

It is a bonus card who spends money a lot every day, plus no defining spending limit. If you are shopping a lot and spending a lot of money on restaurants, this is the ideal card.

American Express ® Green Card

American Express Green Card is designed for the environment lovers. Because this card is made from reusable plastic, which is collected from beaches and islands. Green cards give you the best offer on travel. 

You can get a welcome offer of 30,000 points for the first purchase of $2000 in the first three months. This is the best card for the traveler of the gift buyer. American Express Green Card annual charge is $150. There are some of the best exciting offer listed below

  • 3X points for travel include everything like the hotel, flight, taxis, etc.
  • 3X point for restaurant worldwide include dining or takeout
  • 1X point every purchase

In Amex Green Card, earning a reward point is easy and straightforward, and we can redeem those points in many ways. We can link our Amex green account to any online shopping portal; this is a pretty easy way to redeem points.

This card also adds no foreign transaction fee, so this card is perfect for low-income adults who travel for fun or work.

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card.

5 Best Credit Card For Young Adult In 2020

Who loves to travel Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is for you. If you want to travel and purchase items and want some discount and reward, you should be considering purchasing a card.

You can get this card with 80,000 points with a purchase of $4000 in the first three months of account opening. This card is mostly focusing on travel, so we have to see their travel perks following here.

  • You can get 2X on travel and dining worldwide
  • You can earn 5X point on Lyft through March 2022
  • You can get 1x for every other purchase

Chase Sapphire’s annual fees are $95. It’s not too high if you look at all the offers you get. If you are not a traveler and average spender, then this card is not for you because the deals you get from this card not suits you.

Citi Premier® Card

5 Best Credit Card For Young Adult In 2020

Citi Premier is also a traveler card. If you have a traveling spirit, then this is the best card for you. With a Sign-up, you get 60,000 points on purchase a minimum of $4000 for the first three months. 

With a great offer and low annual fees of $95, this is the best card for travelers. The best perk from this card listed below

  • You can get 3X point on travel like flights, hotels, and others
  • You can earn 3X point while from shopping supermarket
  • You can make a 1X point on other shopping

This card is best for them who are always planning to travel and go on trips because it gives you the best reward for traveling.

This card is also for people who are satisfied with minimal points and reach their requirements easily. 

Thus this is the 5 Best Credit Card for Young Adult, which help young adult to live there dreams.

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